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SaaS Solution for the Accommodation Business

Efficient and valuable web marketing tools that bring positive results are at the reach of few companies with big budgets. Today, thanks to our SaaS solution  everybody can afford top quality products and services. Websites, professional photo services, virtual tours and videos for a relatively small monthly fee instead of investing big bucks to buy. 

Communication effectiveness, usability, performance and reliability are the keywords that differentiate valuable tools and services provided by professionals that bring positive results, from the mediocre ones that can be considered shortcuts to failure provided by amateurs.

LEONARD – Solutions for Hoteliers

A powerful and flexible web cloud based system which can be customized to suit the needs of any type of accommodation and property manager.

Optimized for small and mid-size lodging businesses, serving the industry since 2006. 

  • Property Management System
  • Front Desk Booking
  • Channel Manager – Connect to up to 50 OTAs
  • Booking Engine
  • Yield Optimizer
  • Multiple Properties
  • Multiple users/roles

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Promotional and selling tools that represent you at best to the eyes of our prospects. This is what websites should be, the website we will provide to you. Content Management Systems based websites easy to update, featuring

  • layout responsive design for full desktop and mobile compatibility
  • fully compatible with Leonardo Booking Engine, and many more channel managers from other providers.

Our SaaS Solution is not ony for the website


Professional high quality photography services to impress.

A pictures worths thousand words so, Click here for galleries.


Set yourself aside from the mass with immersive 360° views virtual tours!

Your guests will have the opportunity to virtually visit your place and, according to the statistics, hotels, B&B and vacations homes that feature virtual tours on their websites have approximately 40% more chances to be chosen by new guests.

  • Developed in HTML5 and Flash technologies to ensure full compatibility on both desktop and mobile devices, running all operating systems.
  • Google Maps e Facebook compatible
  • convertible to video format to be displayed on TV sets and mega-screens from local hardware (Chromecast and others) of from the Internet (YouTube)

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Professional and effective high quality videos up to 4K resolution, shot, directed and edited by professionals with more than 20 years experience in video and cinema productions.


Speed and Reliability

Our state-of-the art server feature modern and powerful hardware resources and government level security implemented by veteran server admins always available around the clock, top skilled professionals with whom we’ve been working for more than ten years in a row.

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Efficient web marketing is a must to reach investors and buyers from all around the world. We can provide campaigns management on social networking platforms, Mail Chimp, Google AdWords and other channels.

With more than twenty years experience serving the big corporations and the most recognized brands all around the world, we feel confident in being able to provide you with the best. For this reason, we will not ask you to sign any contract that will bind you to us in any way. If you will not be satisfied with us, you will be free to step away from us at any time.

SaaS Solution from GCM2

The best now, risks free!

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