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Since the advent of globalization, marketing started to play a fundamental role in the success of a company. Promotional and selling tools conceived and developed on strong fundamentals of communication sciences are the only ones that can guarantee good positive results and so growth. 

GCM2 Marketing & Multimedia is a marketing/advertising agency led by Gabriele Cripezzi, a communication expert with more than 20 years experience at the Big Corporations level, to which he provided creative and managerial services for marketing purposes. Our production team is made of excellent professionals of a proven exceptional competence and reliability, together with whom we have satisfied the most demanding clients all around the world.

From brand development to the most complex online stores and management systems, from hosting service to web marketing, from photography to video productions, we are able to provide excellence in both services and products that are needed today to compete on both local and global markets against the big names.

Multimedia Productions


Wallpapers, Catalogs, Flyers, Posters, Postcards and more...


Commercials for TV and Web TV.


Web, intranet and extranet solutions for marketing, management and productivity.

Virtual Tours

The most sophisticated and powerful representation and promotional tool for the web and TV screens.


Play licensed music while promoting your business to your clients and guests with a custom web radio channels.

360° Product Viewers

Have an impact on your prospects with our interactive product viewers.

Books Publishing

Self-publishing services for book authors.


Professional photography services for fashion, real estate and reportage.

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